Birthday Blog: WIN BIG!

If there’s one thing I love more than food and music, it’s birthdays. I get such a kick out of buying people pressies and giving them away. Best! Since I’m turning 30 this year (eeeeek!) (05 October – diarise that) I thought I would go a little wild with the giveaway this year and get my favourite brands involved. It’s also a bit of a mini celebration, seeing as though I will be running The Counter full time as of October…

Pay attention, kittens, this is one incredible prize and entering is (somewhat) easy.

Starting today, you can enter as many times as you like and stand a chance to win ALL of the amazing prizes below:

Please note that this prize is only available to my fabulous Jozi residents. Some prizes need to be collected by the winner. Sorryaboutit, everyone else…

1.) Six bottles of Miss Molly Bubbly from Môreson

Miss Molly Bubbly W

It’s no secret that I simply adore Môreson. They produce some of the most incredible wines and the Miss Molly Bubbly is just top notch when it comes to sparkling wine. I’ve always got a bottle in my fridge – you never know when you’re going to need to celebrate!

Six bottles of Miss Molly Bubbly, delivered straight to your door…

2.) R500 to spend at You&Me Design and Illustration


My best design and illustration team! Meg and Jen have done a ton of work for me (which includes designing my logo and tattoo) and are impeccably good at what they do. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

R500 to spend on either a design or illustration of your choice…

3.) A hamper filled with exciting goodies from NoMU


Another one of my favourite brands – NoMU. a.) Their products are incredible (their Mexican rub is used in so much of my food, it’s actually silly) and; b.) Their service and brand ‘personality’ is something to aspire to.

A NoMU hamper filled with rubs, instant pesto, pink salt and more…

4.) Gourmet foodie goodies from Ocean Mile


Ocean Mile is fast becoming another favourite of mine. These guys know their stuff when it comes to fish, and their Pemba Bay Kob is one of the most amazing things I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

A jar of duck leg confit and a tub of foie gras from Ocean Mile…

5.) A voucher for Casalotti’s Pizza Rapido


This pizza. Guys. I can’t even. Crispy, ridiculously thin pizza crust and fresh, gourmet toppings. It’s honestly one of my vices and I have to stop myself from ordering pizza every time I deliver brownies to their stores.

A voucher to spend at one of Casalotti’s four stores…

6.) A case of mixed craft beer from The League of Beers


I love me some good beer, and The League of Beers has them all! Darling, Triggerfish, CBC, Brewers & Union – alles! I love the concept of The League of Beers – place an order and delicious beer gets delivered to your door. Why did we only start doing that recently?! Well done, LOB, you win at life.

A mixed case of delicious craft beer from The League of Beers…

7.) A herb planter box from The Woodlady


When I first discovered The Woodlady, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I’m a bit of hippie sometimes and the thought of recycling things makes me giddy. Especially wood and wooden pallets. I die. If I need anything in wood, I contact The Woodlady – they custom make everything for me. Legends!

A herb planter box from The Woodlady…

8.) Dinner for two at Moemas Patisserie


Moemas in Parktown North is an absolute haven for freshly baked pastries and sweets. Yoh, this place is bad news. In a good way. It’s always been one of my top spots for cakes and cupcakes – their red velvet is definitely the best in Jozi! They’ve also recently started serving dinner, what a win…

Dinner for two to the value of R300 at Moemas Patisserie…

9.) A mini pendant from Silver Fig Jewellery

I met Heather and Neil from Silver Fig at Market on Main and fell in love with their work immediately. I’ve got a few of their pieces and wear them often, and always get compliments on them. Their jewellery is made with incredible attention to detail and is just so different to anything else in SA!

Mini bee 002

A mini pendant from Silver Fig Jewellery…

10.) Lunch for two from The Counter

Salmon Burger

What competition would be complete without lunch for two from us?!

Lunch for two from The Counter at Market on Main…

11.) A Whistling Kettle from Le Creuset

100 % of original

The most awesome of awesome companies, Le Creuset has decided to give us another prize to give away! Because, well, they’re AWESOME. They really also need no introduction…

A Kiwi Whistling Kettles from Le Creuset…

Excited? Me too.

Here’s how you win – in just a few easy steps.

  1. Follow each of the prize sponsors on Twitter and like them on Facebook
  2. Post, share, tweet or Instagram something – go crazy on any and all social media platforms
  3. Tweet us as many times as you like – the more times you tweet, the more entries you get.
  4. Tip: Tweet us and each prize sponsor separately – that’s nine entries already!
  5. Comment on this blog post once you’ve entered.
  6. You must tweet the following at least once:

“I want to WIN BIG with @CounterLove and {insert prize sponsor’s Twitter handle here}. #BirthdayBlog.”

Twitter links:

Facebook pages:

One more thing – I may STILL have one more AMAZING prize up my sleeve. Just waiting for confirmation on that – watch this space.

Competition closes on Friday, 04 October and I will choose the winner and announce on Monday, 07 October.

Happy birthday to me!



24 responses to “Birthday Blog: WIN BIG!

  1. Happy Birthday Megs!!! Stay Blessed.

  2. Lovely giveaways :-) Tweeted

  3. Tweeted, followed and like all sponsers twitter and facebook pages. A big Happy Birthday too you. Well done :)

  4. Happy Birthday!! what an awesome competition :) I’ve liked / followed everyone.. going to get tweeting!

  5. Incredible giveaway wow! Am tweeting and liking, happy birthday hope it will be awesome…btw it’s mine today and have been celebrating since Friday x

  6. Happy Birthday :)
    Followed,liked,tweeted :)

  7. What a lovely way to celebrate. I am also obsessed with Silver Fig and absolutely love my pieces of theirs. Hope to raise some Moreson bubbles in your honor soon.

  8. Liked all the pages. Followed all the accounts I wasn’t already. Got so excited that I missed the bottom bit where you listed all the direct links so I visited the websites and went from there. Extra “brownie” points for me I think (see what I did there?).

    Happy birthday to one of the best! XxX

  9. PICK ME, PICK ME! What an amazing prize :) Tweeted and Liked :)

  10. Oh.Em.Gee! I am having so much fun with this competition! Running wild with the can say that for sure!!!!! (Not that I’m complaining!) Mini celebration indeed…. #MyBirthday #YourBirthday wowi…loveit! Thank you! What a generous heart to give away all of your favourite things on your tiny (yet big 30th!-whoop whoop) birthday! So special! *** Can’t wait to see what the ‘AMAZING prize up my sleeve’ is as I am already stoked about all the lovely things you’ve chose so far anyway! Ah… now we wait to see who the lucky winner is…

    Runner ups get brownies right???;)

  11. Happy birthday! I have tweeted like mad, liked everything, and now I wait… :)


  12. Done..! Done..! Done..! Done..!Done..! and Done..!

    (Goodluck to me)

  13. Yay liked and tweeted away :) Fingers crossed and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday! :) When do the comps run till? x

  14. Have liked and tweeted. What amazing prizes xxxx

  15. Tweeted and Liked and followed and and. Awesome Awesome giveaway. Happy Birthday!!!

  16. Shoooweee, how fab is this?! Would totally love to win! Could do with some cheering up! I am also 30 on the 9th Nov…slight panic stations

  17. Tweeted, followed and liked all the sponsors. What a fantastic giveaway – Happy Birthday! Fingers tightly crossed! :)

  18. Looksie, you! All three-oh and still bringing the boys to the yard. Happy birthday, Megsie. I tweeted the pants off this comp, and will toilet paper your house on the 5th if I don’t win. (Mostly because I’ll still be tipsy from my own birthday, which is the day before yours.) 30 is the new black! xXx

  19. oh my WORD!!! I spend hours searching for all the Twitter and Facebook pages and then only later saw you gave all the links! I have Tweeter and posted everywhere!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this AMAZING prize!!!! WOW!!!! :-)

  20. Shoewee!!! Talk about some MAJOR Birthday LOVES!! Thank you for sharing all the excitement with us and a VERY BEEG HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! 30 is AWESOME! I have liked, loved, followed, stalked, tweeted and WANT all these amazing prizes!! Fingers, knees and toes crossed for this!! Whoop whoop!

  21. OMGosh what a fantastic #giveaway hope you have the most amazing birthday and get as super spoilt as you are spoiling a lucky Jozi lady <3.
    Stay in Jozi √
    Followed all the Twitter pages √
    Liked all the Facebook pages √
    (most of them I am following and LOVE already √)
    Went slightly crazy with my tweets on Twitter √
    ( @amyleesweety23 )
    Holding thumbs √ :)

    Enjoy and have a fab day.

    Much love <3

  22. Ok you have been successfully spammed on Twitter – mission accomplished!! Just remember that us Librans need to stick together in life – it’s in the star sign code :-) Jokes aside… Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for sharing the birthday love with us too xxx

  23. Who was the winner of this amazing prize? I’m dying to know

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